Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Other Pogo

This isn’t about the much beloved classic cartoon strip by Walt Kelly but about the audio-visual artist. He currently lives in Perth, Western Australia and his real name is Nick Bertke. There isn’t much about him in the way of a bio on the net, except for the tidbit that he worked briefly at Disney. His work is very intriguing. Pogo takes bits of film and scenes from tv shows and does a painstaking job editing them. Then he sets them to music, which is a mix of original compositions and samples. It must take him weeks to edit a two or three minute video. The results are pure genius. If you enjoy them, do a search on youtube—Pogo’s volume of work is enormous. (Warning, his take on "Dexter" is a bit bloody.)


  1. Awesome work. His mix of UP was gorgeous.

  2. Check out this Pogo Mellow Brick Road remix

  3. Brilliant post, nicely done. And thanks for mentioning all those blogs and I love them all! Cheers :)
    Pogo Help