Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bloody good!

Blood and Glass is quite one unique group. I really know nothing about this them. After doing numerous searches on the Interwebs, I have found nothing about this interesting  group. All I can say is they create some wonderful music. Give them a listen.

I just found this on their website:
Taking home the prize after playing a sold-out showcase at the Brooklyn Bowl in NYC, Blood And Glass creates a sound that embellishes you in a dreamy world. With lush, beautiful swells, crisp sampled sonics, and lyrics that paint images in your brain, Blood and Glass is fronted by an eccentric woman who has been described by journalists as the missing link between Grimes and Tom Waits. The songs are catchy and moody at once, Lisa Moore's voice goes from a soothing whisper to an edgy shout, taking you on a carnival ride through a glow-in-the-dark forest. As one song ends, she takes off her magic hat and bows into a world of noise rock, the band triggering Godspeed-like moments before starting the next, picturesque song.

Formed originally in Montreal first by Lisa alone, then Morgan Moore joined her ship and the two were married. Blood and Glass have been playing and collaborating with wonderful musicians from Robbie Kuster to Patrick Watson to Frank Lafontaine to Simon and Erika Angell from Thus Owls during live shows and on their upcoming debut record to be released on October 21st, 2014. The release party / concert will be held in Montreal on October 18th at Sala Rossa as part of the multi-disciplinary arts festival, Phenomena Fest.