Friday, February 7, 2014

Lordy! Lordy!

Lord Huron is the band formed by Ben Schneider, who was raised in Michigan, but relocated to Los Angeles. On a trip home, he recorded a few songs which were inspired by the bountiful nature of his home state. The band began performing in 2010 and developed their show on the road. They've received national attention with their EP Mighty, and have been selling out venues across the country. The band performed at large festivals like South be Southwest, Outside Landis, and Lollapalooza. Schneider consists of childhood friends and released the full-length Lonesome ''Dreams in 2012. Lord Huron's music has an energetic, catchy sound to it and many of the songs make references to nature--songs that make you get up on your feet and dance. I had the opportunity to see them live a week ago and they and the crowd were wonderful. If you get the chance, don't miss them!