Saturday, May 9, 2009

Post Rock Anyone?

Both of the bands I’m reviewing have been described as “Post Rock.” Hmm. What the heck is that supposed to mean? After listening to them a lot, I sort of know what the term means. It means, not only is it hard to put a label on the group, but the music is largely without structure. Here’s how Wikipedia defines it: Post-rock is a genre of alternative rock characterized by the use of musical instruments commonly associated with rock music, but using rhythms, harmonies, melodies, timbre, and chord progressions that are not usually found in rock tradition. It is the use of 'rock instrumentation' for non-rock purposes. Practitioners of the genre's style typically produce instrumental music.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, I’d like to present two groups—Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You. Both bands are guitar focused and produce beautiful layers of sound. Explosions has a harder edge at times and many of their tunes run 10 to 12 minutes. They’ve also done the soundtrack to “Friday Night Lights” which is subtle and very pretty; some of their best work in my opinion. They’ve been compared to both Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor! This Will Destroy You is similar to Explosions. While their music is all instrumental as well, they have a softer edge to them. Most of their songs start out as a mere whisper and build to a majestic, blistering crescendo—a semi-cacophonous sonic plateau. Then the music retreats and lets you down with a gentle, quiet landing. In some ways, I’d rather classify these groups as “noise rock”. While this term has negative connotations to some, I think of it as a genre you can either have on as background music, or listen to it for its complexities. If you enjoy these two groups, a couple others I would recommend are Four Tet and Japancakes.


  1. Hi,
    I don't where i should write you but the important thing is that this message comes to you.
    Well, I just read a post that you created years ago on the forum democratic underground where you talked about a band called "skating club" especially with the song "virginia is for lovers".
    So i was wondering if you still got this song because i'm craving for having it. I had it once that i downloaded for free on abercrombie website but lost it due to many virus in my computer.
    I've searched it everywhere but could'nt find it. So PLEASE PLEASE I'm begging you to send it to me by any means. You will do me a great favor.
    In case you want to contact me my mail is


  2. Huy,
    Are you sure it was me? I looked and I don't have it on my computer or iPod. I can take a look at my CDs but it'll take a while. I've got thousands of CDs.

  3. dude, explosions in the sky is one of my very favorite bands of the past 10 years, and ever. They are so emotional and there music totally hits me in the gut. Great chose in song as an example of their sound. Awesome Mark, hopefully they reach some more people this way =)


  4. Brian,
    Did you check out This Will Destroy You? I think you'd really like them. They're a lot like Explosions. And feel free to spread the word about my blog!