Sunday, May 3, 2009


Just listen to the song Gabriel by Lamb and you know you’re in for something special. This group makes some extraordinary music. The lead singer has an exceptional voice. However, it’s manipulated in ways at times that I’m not totally enamored with. Some times, I enjoy what she does with it, like the song Darkness: near the end it’s distorted to a very cool psychedelic finish. At other tines, she uses her voice to achieve a child-like echoey sound that, quite frankly, becomes rather annoying at times. Overall, the group is heavily into drum & bass with a lot of psychedelic additions to make their sound fairly unique. Why haven’t I heard of this marvelous group earlier?


  1. Lamb is amazing...saw/met them at st. andy's like, 7 years ago, they had had huge success w/K&D remixing a track of theirs for the K&D Sessions...Lamb was excellent live!


  2. Wow! You lucky dog you! I'd love to see them live.