Saturday, February 26, 2011


I find it somewhat amusing that the space-rock group God Is An Astronaut is from the quaintly named town of Glen of the Downs in Wicklow, Ireland. At the heart of the band are the brothers Torsten and Niels Kinsella (guitar/keyboards and bass/guitars respectively). The group formed in the early part of this century (Wow, it sure seems strange to say that), and they added the drummer Lloyd Hanney to round out the band. Some claim that the group is one of the finest Irish indie rock groups of this century. I guess I’d equate that with saying “One of the finest bands to come out of the thumb of Michigan”. Anyway, I’ve never seen the group live, but apparently they put on an incredible show, with spectacular videos accompanying each song. They’ve put out four recordings to date and have numerous youtube vids. Well worth looking in to.

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