Thursday, October 15, 2009

Genre Bender?

When I first listened to The Antlers, I thought they sounded like Noise Rock. Then as I got further into the recording, they sounded more folky. So I guess they'd have to be called Noise Folk (have I coined a new term?). The lead singer, Peter Silberman, has a sweet falsetto voice, which reminds me of Jeff Buckley. And the songs are frequently quiet and gentle, with the occasional infusion of blistering layers of guitar and various noises. But overall, the music is very contemplative and peaceful, and is usually fairly stripped down with a minimal amount of instrumentation. The Brooklyn-based singer started recording solo in his bedroom, but has expanded to include a full group. (He actually made a recording “The February Tape”, in a bathtub in just an hour.) I haven’t heard it, but I do enjoy his more recent music.

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