Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let’s Talk Soul

Alana Davis. I really don’t know why she hasn’t caught on. She’s got a wonderful voice. I saw her briefly in concert, where she had issues and left the stage after two songs. But she was great and I hope to see her again. However, whatever her issues were, she was great. Alana proved to me in a few minutes that she can belt out a tune. You really can’t compare her with anyone else that I can think of. Her voice compels you to want to get up, grab someone, and and dance. One thing I must say, Alana has a lot more poise, maturity, and soul than a lot of the pretty young things that are trying to pass themselves as the next Aretha. This chick’s got it. Sorry kids--give it a couple of years or so. In the mean time, I suggest you listen to Alana for some lessons. This woman can sing.

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