Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cat Power Redux

I have a theory—there are two kinds of writers, musicians, and artists. Those who have one great work pent up in them and let it flow and then they’re done. They try to follow it up with a series of weaker efforts, which only disappoints their fans and detracts from their magnum opus. And then there are those who produce a masterpiece and follow it up with hit after hit.

Then there’s Cat Power. I have to admit; I thought her earlier music was better than her latest releases. But upon listening to her oeuvre again, I now feel this woman has definitely improved over the years. Her maturity has resulted in better singing, and much more accessible music. I can’t think of another singer (with the exception of Bjork) who has matured this much. I can’t wait for her next album to come out. Rumor is, it’s a Dylan cover album. I’m sure it’s going to be exceptional!

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