Monday, February 9, 2009

Launching off point

Okay, I started a music blog. The main point of the blog is to share my musical discoveries. I'm so into music, you can't believe it. Just stop by the ol' manse and take a look at my collection of CDs. It's totally out of control, as my wife will point out. Anyway, here's what I'm into: electronica. world, celtic, jazz, indie. singer/songwriter, and just about everything except country and rap. So I'll be posting, for the dozen folks who give a damn, what my latest discoveries are. Stay tuned folks!  Right now, I'm listening to "I am Robot and Proud." Haven't heard of them? Not surprised. Download some of their stuff. Enjoy! 


  1. If your not into country and rap, you're missing a treasure trove of stuff. I'll just wait for you to catch up...


  2. But after all, it's YOUR friggin' blog...